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From former 476 student on illness/violence and narratives

Hi, this came from a student in last year’s class…thought you might all be interested!


Smita Misra     3:21pm Oct 9
this is what id be looking into if i did 476 again

Smita Misra     3:22pm Oct 9
Violence and Illness Narratives:

Assignment for September 26

1. For each reading, Pratt/Johnston and Cole, give me three ideas you find in the article. Use a paragraph for each idea, and include an example from the reading.

2. Tell me by Wednesday 26th which Writers Fest Event you are attending.

3. See White Rabbit/Red Rabbit this week sometime.

4. Let me know if you have any idea you want to propose/explore as a possible topic for final project – you can say a word or two to the class about it this week if you like.

5. Optional: Sunday September 30, 4pm Vogt Studio – open class on clown and play in acting training, with guest artist Charlotte Gowdy.